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Home Staging NYC specializes in helping people sell their homes faster and for more money. Home staging is something that should be done before the house goes on the market. It includes several tricks and strategies which can change the look of your house in a day. The most important thing about home staging is that it requires you to invest some money initially but then reaps benefits once your property is sold. Our expert home stagers can bring out the beauty and potential in any property with a good dose of style and savvy that will appeal to today’s buyers.

Competition in New York City is more challenging than ever, and some houses stay on the market longer than they should. We have extensive experience working with NY co-ops, condos, townhouses, brownstones, lofts, historic properties, and suburban homes!

We offer several levels of service designed to meet every seller’s needs, including one FREE consultation visit that allows us to get acquainted with you and your home prior to offering our home staging services. Whether you have a great deal of time, not much time, or no time at all, we will develop a strategy to help you get the very best price for your property quickly! In a free consultation, we carefully listen to your goals and evaluate the inside and outside of your home. We then give you a tailored plan just for you.

We have a team of interior designers and decorators that will design the entire property from top to bottom, starting with room themes and finishing touches for a finished product that you can take pride in.
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Vacant Home Staging

Vacant home staging is the process of transforming a vacant space into one that looks like it is lived in.

Staging a vacant home is not just about decorating it. It’s an opportunity to get the home ready for sale and maximize value by creating the best first impression possible. By bringing in furniture and personal effects, we create an image where potential buyers can picture themselves living there and envision their belongings in the space–this in turn makes properties a lot easier to sell.

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Occupied Home Staging

Is where a furnished property is restyled for the purpose of marketing to impress both potential purchasers and real estate agents. Using our expertise in design, space planning, lighting, color, furniture placement and more, we can help you stage your home for sale. While it may seem like just another cost to add to the bottom line, home staging actually pays for itself in a very short time by helping you sell faster while often netting you higher profits.


Furniture Rentals

Home Staging NYC offers furniture rental to homeowners who are on a budget and unable to afford home staging furniture. It is hard also to sell a vacant property and visualize how it would work, so furnishing it would solve this problem.

Depending on your requirements, we have several solutions for you, ranging from hiring us to provide temporary furniture rentals for three months or more or purchasing our home staging packages at low prices.

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Decluttering your home for sale might be the final finishing touch to your selling plan. Staging can make all of the difference in selling your New York City area property by creating a clean, fresh feeling throughout your home that makes it attractive to potential buyers.

A staged room is one where every item has been carefully selected and placed with purpose. The things you leave out (and how you arrange them) are just as important as the things that stay.

The goal is to show off your home’s best features, and removing anything that detracts from the decor allows buyers to imagine themselves living in the space rather than imagining all of its flaws.

Home Staging NYC will help you declutter and redecorate your home to sell it faster and for more money. Staging is NOT about fixing the place up but making it presentable.


Home Staging by Experts at Home Staging NYC

House staging is one of our specialties. We know how to clear out your home and let buyers imagine themselves in your space, so we can get the most money for you when selling a house in New York City.

Your home should be welcoming, open and inviting to buyers. When they walk through the door, you want them to envision their music room, bedroom or family room in your space. Our staging services will make it easy for buyers to fall in love with your New York City area property.

Staging is one of the easiest ways to add value to your property and maximize your return when selling a house in New York City. Not only does it help sell the space faster, but studies have shown that staging helps buyers envision living there.


What to Expect from Home Staging Consultation

Staging your home is one of the best ways to sell it fast. Staging can also mean making minor changes to your space to make it feel more comfortable, attractive and inviting for potential buyers. Expect a staging consultation to include an honest assessment of your home’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

The initial consultation is done with the client to ensure that they are open to any suggestions from our Professional Stagers. During the first meeting, our experts will take note of personal items around the home or objects that may be distracting on the first impression.

Home Staging Frequently Asked Questions

Home staging is a process to make homes more attractive and appealing by using design knowledge and creativity. Home staging focuses on creating exemplary curb appeal, maximizing valuable space within the home, and improving its overall quality to increase its market value.

Home staging is a strategy to make your property stand out from the rest and can be done with help from a professional home stager. It’s all about making it appealing to potential buyers and ensuring that they’ll want to purchase it over the other homes on the market.

Home staging is a process of preparing the property to sell, so it appeals to as many buyers as possible. Decorating, on the other hand, focuses on one’s personal taste, and everything in home staging must be kept neutral for them not to get distracted by someone else’s style; At the same time, homeowners may love their décor they might have trouble picturing themselves living there because some people would rather live somewhere where others can imagine how they’d decorate better or more creatively than what you had initially planned out yourself.

Staging is a technique that aims to present your home in its best possible way. It’s an excellent chance for you to sell your home faster and at the best price. The real estate industry has been using this method to great success since the 1980s.

The simpler, cleaner, and more streamlined your home’s look, design, decorating style, the faster it will sell. Thus, home staging really works.

A staged property impresses 50% more buyers than an unstaged one. It is viewed as having higher curb appeal, listed for a better price and is sold faster.

A non-staged property will just be seen as needing more work, which can lead to deductions from buyers’ purchasing power and allow them room in their budget on how they won’t spend additional money towards upgrades or improvements after purchase.

You do not need to stage your entire property in some instances. It really depends on the overall layout and what will be most suited to the building’s needs. Upon an initial survey we will be able to advise you of all the options.

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